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Lifemates Dating Services Reviews and Complaints

Lifemates.Net was created for people looking join various lifemates dating services. How is this site useful for singles?  The more information and reviews you read, the better of an idea you get about each lifemates company.  This lets you make a better decision of which lifemates dating service is best for you.  Each page has an overview of the lifemates dating service as well as complaints and reviews submited by visiters to our site. Take the time to read the lifemates reviews and complaints before making that big dating dcesion. If you would like to contact us or submit your own lifemates complaints and reviews please visit the submit page.

Read Lifemates Dating Services Reviews and Complaints

  Latin Lifemates

Since 1990, Latin Lifemates has helped thousands of men across the U.S and Colombia. The idea of this company is to help men find a nice beautiful Colombian women. Each woman is carefully screened to ensure the safety for both the man and the woman. These beautiful girls pay a fee to join and become part of the Latin Lifemates family which is very rewarding. This one on one personal dating service is the pride and joy of the Latin dating world. Read More Lifemates Reviews and Complaints >>>

  Filipina Lifemates

Filipina Lifemates is an online dating web site which caters to adults of all different ages. The registration is completely free and fun. Inside this web site, there are many different features to choose from which can help you find a suitable person to befriend and even date.  The Registration is a quick and simple process and does not take time at all. Only the basic essentials such as name, email address, date of birth, and profession are needed. More information can be added if desired. 
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E LifeMates is a ‘Date Nite’ event for engaged and married couples which takes place in the local church. Celebrating marriage is the number one concern of the E Lifemates staff. Dr. David and Janet Congo, founders of E LifeMates, have one basic and important approach. To help engaged and married couples find the best in each other in order to strengthen their relationship. Unfortunately, many married couples are forced to divorce or are close to divorce due to poor communication and expression. Well, this is why E Lifemates is around. Christian marriage is meant to be a life adventure rather than a life sentence. Read More Lifemates Reviews and Complaints >>>

  Lifemates Canada

Lifemates Canada is Canada’s top dating company.  Future members are required to sign up and live the experience by going through the beginning stages. The first stage is the interview.  After becoming a member, each person must sit down with one of Lifemates Canada’s highly professional matchmakers.  This would make the member very uncomfortable if it wasn’t for the fact that everything is done to make him/her feel otherwise.  The matchmaker takes it to the limit in providing the most relaxed and calming environment so that the person finds it easy and comfortable to talk about his/her life.  Many questions about life and specific requirements in a match are asked.  Lifemates also carefully screens every member for any criminal records or financial backgrounds.  This process guarantees the safety of each and every customer. Lifemates Canada has branches in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Montreal, London, Barrie, Winnipeg, Toronto, Mississauga and Hamilton.
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  Mid Lifemates

Mid LifeMates is the most professional and unique online networking company for singles over the age of 30. Mid Life Mates is the number one choice for any single who is serious in finding more than just a date. Their staff is completely devoted and committed to bringing together compatible singles through an outstanding approach sustaining a new relationship. People who have common interests, goals, beliefs, priorities, and values for serious relationships are brought together with the intention to bring out the best. Read More Lifemates Reviews and Complaints >>> is for couples who are committed to enjoy and improve their relationship with their spouse or their spouse to be.  Since 2002, Lifemates has offered its members a number of effective methods in strengthening their relationships.  During each date, a personal speaker will sit with you to help you in your relationship. 

Date Nights is the first feature designed by Lifemates.  Going out with your spouse and other similar couples while enjoying great food at a local restaurant without the hassle and stress of your everyday life, is the main point of this service. The speaker for the evening will bring beauty and wisdom into your marriage.
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