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Latin Lifemates Reviews and Complaints

Since 1990, Latin Lifemates  has helped thousands of men across the U.S and Colombia. The idea of this company is to help men find a nice beautiful Colombian women.  Each woman is carefully screened to ensure the safety for both the man and the woman.  These beautiful girls pay a fee to join and become part of the Latin Lifemates family which is very rewarding.  This one on one personal dating service is the pride and joy of the Latin dating world.

The staff at Latin Lifemates work day and night to assist you in your search for that special Latin girl.  Colombian girls are known for their beauty which is why Latin Lifemates is here.  Latin Lifemates offers a single’s tour and also urges people to travel any day of the year to one of their professional offices for any information seeking. 

Latin Lifemates can help you today.

Reviews and Complaints

Adam Byers

A Good Dating Company

I really like Latin Lifemates.  They have really great girls on their list and they somehow always manage to be as exact as possible in terms of suitable matches.  Every girl I dated was great.  The only thing I’m not too thrilled about is the fact that it’s so darn hard to get in touch with the staff.  I always have questions which need to be answered and I can never reach them.  They have a few numbers to call and a few e-mail addresses but for some strange reason, they don’t reply to anything.  Otherwise, this company has it all and if it wasn’t for communication issue, I would give them a five rating.

Fredrick Collins

Everyone Stay Away

I think that if anyone values money and time, DON’T BOTHER WITH THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Latin lifemates is not as successful as people say they are.  I am living proof for this.  I signed up and was treated horribly by the staff.  That was the first experience which gave me the feeling that I wasted my money.  I did like the fact that I was screened for any criminal record though.  The fact that they did that with me means that they do it with every member which is very good.  But that’s the only good part.  All the girls they set me up with were in their fifties and physically not what I wanted.  After I complaining a few times with no luck, I lost all faith in this service.  I do not like them at all.   

Theodore Lewis

I Want Only Latino

I’m not too happy with this service.  I recently dated one of the girls they set me up with and to my surprise, she wasn’t a Latino at all.  The only thing Latin  in her was the fact that she visited the Dominican republic for a month one time in her entire life.  ONE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That makes her Latino?  Ok I thought, I guess I could have settled for it anyway but when I contacted the staff and told them all about our date which actually went well and how I wanted to see her again, they told me that I would have to wait a week or two until our next date.  Well, it’s been three months and I’m still waiting for them to call me.  I liked the girl and we’re still dating which is the ONLY reason I’m giving them a three instead of a 1.  They set me up with a great girl, but I had to do all the calling and arranging.  They didn’t do a thing to help and they even lied to me by saying that they would contact me.  The girl isn’t even Latino which is ok because she’s amazing in every other way but they shouldn’t have told me that she was when we discussed all the details.

Dominique Bennett

I will recomend this company to every person I know

Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to marry a woman from a Latino background.  After hearing about thins service and how the main idea is to set men up with Colombian women, I knew what I had to do.  The first two girls I dated were great but still were not my idea of a suitable life partner for me.  Since then, I’ve been on many, many more dates with different girls and still had no luck.  The last one however, was great.  We spent four hours together at a really nice restaurant and shared some pretty amazing food.  That was only the beginning of our beautiful relationship.  We lasted for six months until we eventually got married.  I guess dreams really do come true because my dream as a kid was to marry a Latino girl and that’s exactly what I got.  This service without doubt has the best approach. 

Jordan Diaz  

Stinky, Smelly

I do not see any good in this company.  I was very disturbed and disappointed by them.  When I finally realized that I made the mistake of joining, I called them up and demanded a refund.  All I got was a wise crack remark and then a hang up.  They literally hung up on me.  I am FURIOUS at them and I want to warn as many people as possible to stay away.

Nicholas Turner

Latin Lifemates ROCKS!!!!

I completely disagree with all of these negative comments.  Latin Life Mates has come through for me and even for two of my friends.  I signed up and within a month, I started receiving call after call from the staff with different girls they had on their list for me to meet.  Some of the girls didn’t sound like what I was looking for but MOST of them fit my criteria.  I met a lot of great Latin girls who all had amazing personalities and who I connected very well with.  Eventually, I met Sabella.  She’s from Cuba and she’s absolutely everything I was looking for in a woman.  We’ve been dating for a little over a year and are about to get married.  Two of my friends have similar stories and we all agree that this dating service changed our lives for the better.  THE ONLY THING I didn’t like was the price.  To this day, I think that I paid too much for the service I was getting.  But then again, I found happiness and you can’t put a price ion that.

Kenneth Baker

Save Your Precious Time and Money

If you value your precious time and money, then don’t even think about signing with this company.  They’ll just take your money and will not do a thing to help you find a girl.  I’m trying to sue them after they charged my credit card after they said they wouldn’t.  I decided to sign up and gave them my card number.  After I changed my mind, I called them up and told them to cancel the application.  They told me that they did not charge my card and that there would be no problem in cancelling my membership.  A week later I walked into my bank and saw that they did in fact charge my card.  Since then, I’ve called and called.  I sent e-mails and faxes about how upset I was and that I demanded a refund.  I never received a reply and of course, didn’t receive a refund.  This company is a scam and I want to make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else.